Bambrella® Ltd was formed by the directors of the Woodstocks International group of companies, who have been manufacturing garden furniture and umbrellas in Indonesia since 1996. Prior to this the directors were wooden boat builders. The wealth of experience gained over the years in this industry has inspired us to invest time and resources into the research and rigorous testing of materials, in order to produce a superior umbrella. We use unique patented designs and innovative technology to manufacture umbrellas of unsurpassed quality.

Bambrella® has proven to be the highest quality laminated bamboo umbrella on the market. One of the reasons is its ability to resist the inherent problem that inferior products have of mold and mildew occurring when bamboo is exposed to the elements. This effective resistance has taken years of testing to overcome. Another reason is the patented joint system which enables us to hot press and glue long lengths of laminations.

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