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What is Willow Creek? We are a designer, manufacturer, and retailer of beautiful handcrafted teak outdoor furniture. Decades of experience in the outdoor space allow us to proudly offer our teak to customers across the United States. 

What sets Willow Creek apart from its competitors? As a small team, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and unmatched customer service. If you dial 818-318-2399, you can speak directly with the owner of the company. In just a short conversation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the passion Erin has for his products and the customers we service. Many of our customers return to Willow Creek again and again to purchase additional products and sing our praises to their friends and family. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself - call or email our team for more information. 

Where are you located? Willow Creek Designs is located at 12345 Ventura Blvd, Suite K in Studio City, CA. 

Do you ship to ___? We ship nationwide! Whether you're located in Miami, Florida or Ames, Iowa, Willow Creek can ship high end teak furniture to you!

Can I visit your showroom? Yes! We’d love to have you stop by and see the Willow Creek difference for yourself. Visit us between 11am-6pm daily

Do you offer a price match guarantee? We do! If you see any products (outside of our own Willow Creek Designs brand) advertised for a lower price elsewhere, we will happily match the price for you. Requires proof and includes only legitimate offerings. 

Why should I purchase teak outdoor furniture instead of a cheaper option in aluminum or wicker? Well, for starters - teak offers a timeless, stately aesthetic. It also has a natural resistance to insects and pests. In marine and coastal environments, teak is much better suited to withstand the elements than less expensive options. Its versatility allows you to choose from a wide range of looks and maintenance levels. 

What is the lifespan on teak outdoor furniture? When properly maintained, teak furniture can last a lifetime! Any questions you may have about upkeep or what to expect can be directed to customerservice@willowcreekllc.com for guidance.

What Grade Teak Do You Use? We use Grade A Teak which is harvested in Indonesia via V Legal and FSC certification. 

Is there a finish or sealing on the teak? No, our teakwood is 100% natural. No sealing or other chemical finish. Care and maintenance is required. Please refer to your supplied care and maintenance instructions or contact customerservice@willowcreekllc.com to request a physical or digital copy of the instructions.

Does your furniture require assembly? Most of our furniture will arrive in its fully assembled state - all bar stools, deep seating, and dining chairs are shipped fully assembled. Tables and ottomans will require their legs to be bolted on. 

I’m having trouble with assembly, what do I do? No worries, please contact customerservice@willowcreekllc.com to have your assembly issues resolved through personalized troubleshooting and attention.

Do you offer custom furniture sets outside of those advertised on the website? Absolutely! If you’d like to customize any of our published sets, reach out to customerservice@willowcreekllc.com for a free consultation and quote.

How do I know the furniture will fit in my space? If you’re unsure of the practical dimensions or actual fit of the furniture, please reach out to customerservice@willowcreekllc.com to speak with our staff and ensure a perfect fit upon arrival!

How do I select my cushion fabric color? We offer a large number of Sunbrella fabrics for our customers to choose from. These selections can be viewed in Fabric. Each fabric coincides with the option drop down of each SKU. Make sure when you order the drop down and final cart option matches the fabric option you selected. We offer free fabric swatch services. Please order at no charge which physical fabric you would like sent to you for inspection. PLEASE NOTE: You have 48hrs to change from the time order is placed. 

What are your cushions made from? Our cushion covers are made from Sunbrella fabrics and dacron-wrapped upholstery grade foam which ensure long-lasting comfort and style. Each cushion is made by hand with love in our North Hollywood facility!

My cushion fabric does not match the picture? Our complete fabric offering is made by Sunbrella and is universal in the marketplace. To improve the customer experience all options on set configurations are computer generated and not guaranteed as accurate. Lighting and other situations can change the appearance. Please refer to our Fabric Selection to confirm the actual Sunbrella swatch for most accurate representation. 

Do you send fabric swatches? Yes, email customerservice@willowcreekllc.com with name, address and up to 6 fabric choices. 

Do you offer replacement cushions? Yes! We are happy to offer replacement cushions for any returning customer looking to refresh their furniture or update to a new color. Please contact customerservice@willowcreekllc.com to place an order. 

How can I clean my Sunbrella cushions? You can find a complete cleaning guide here https://www.sunbrella.com/cleaning-guide This will give you all the information needed to handle any of a wide range of spills, stains, and incidents. You can also contact customerservice@willowcreekllc.com to request our care and maintenance guide PDF.

How long does it take to ship an order? It usually takes 14-21 days. All furniture frames are stocked in LA. We manufacture the cushions as soon as they are ordered to the individual spec of the customer. On occasion it can take longer i.e.: fabric choice is out of stock, item has recently run out of stock, time of season, and custom specification requests can cause unexpected delays. We will notify you if any delays occur.

I’m located in Southern California, how will my order be shipped? We offer complimentary white glove delivery for customers residing between Santa Barbara and San Diego, regardless of the order value! Our delivery team will handle the packing, placement, assembly, and debris removal of your order at no additional cost. Once production of your order is completed, customer service will reach out to you to schedule a delivery appointment that works for your schedule. The following counties are eligible for this complimentary service: Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino (select zip codes), and Riverside (select zip codes). If you’re unsure if your order qualifies, please contact customerservice@willowcreekllc.com or call 818-509-4175 for more information. 

 How are Willow Creek Products shipped? All furniture orders are shipped by common carrier delivery. All weather Your shipment will be delivered by one of the following carriers based on your geographic location and products ordered: USPS, FedEx, UPS, Daylight Transport, Ward Trucking, Southeastern Freight Lines or one of their local delivery partners. We offer 3 levels of delivery service.

1) Standard Delivery (Cost-Free). Deliveries of furniture will be made to the curbside or end of driveway at your location.

 2) White Glove Delivery

To provide you with the most timely delivery and highest levels of service, our white glove delivery will happen in two phases:
  1. They will ship via common carrier (GLS, Daylight Transport, or FedEx). This carrier will reach out to you ahead of time to schedule a delivery appointment which works with your schedule. They will perform a curbside delivery.
  2. After your appointment has been scheduled, please let me know the time and date it is set for. I will reach out to a third party - most likely local movers - to coordinate the white glove services with the arrival of your furniture. 

3) Pack and Parcel (Cost-Free) For smaller items such as accessories, benches, weather covers, care and maintenance items, etc., we offer package delivery service via USPS, UPS, or FedEx depending on your location and current shipment volumes. 

Once shipped, how long until I receive my order? Is there a tracking #? We ship from our warehouse in LA. S&H can take up to 10 days depending on where you are located in the country. Once items are shipped you will be emailed a notification with a tracking number and tracking link for your reference. Any questions can be directed to customerservice@willowcreekllc.com or traffic@willowcreekllc.com 

What do I do if I want to place an order, but I'm not ready for it to be delivered? If you would like to take advantage of one of our sales or other promotions, but you aren't ready to receive your order, we can work with you. Add this item to your cart and select your desired ship date. We will hold your order in its completed state until you are ready for shipment. As an added bonus for your patience, all orders including a buy ahead specification will include a Deluxe Care Kit including (1) bottle of teak oil, (1) bottle of teak cleaner, (1) bottle of fabric protectant, and (1) bottle of fabric cleaner. 

What is your return policy? We stand by our products and want every customer to be satisfied with their purchase. If you are unhappy with your order, reach out within 30 days of receipt to initiate a worry-free return. The items will need to be repackaged and repalletized by the customer prior to pickup. 

What if my furniture arrives damaged? If an item is received damaged or defective, then it is replaced by following our customer service protocols. We take these claims seriously and strive to ensure each and every customer is satisfied with their purchases. Please note: hairline fractures can develop in the first few weeks of ownership. This is called “checking” and is due to the changes in environmental temperature and moisture and is completely normal when teak is shipped between multiple climates. Email customerservice@willowcreekllc.com with questions. 

What teak oil do you recommend? We recommend our brand of Willow Creek Designs Teak Oil. We have a great line of care and maintenance products on site. 

 I have a store or website and want to offer your products? We do offer our products through select distribution partners. Please email customerservice@willowcreekllc.com with your contact and site details. 

 I have a product and want to offer it to you for your site? Please email your product offering and pricing to customerservice@willowcreekllc.com Please understand we have a high standard of quality and design. You have one shot. Bring your A game. 

 What is your warranty? All teak items come with a 5 year warranty from the  date of purchase. This covers structure and teak material. Sunbrella cushions come with a 5 year warranty against fading or material defects. This covers the Sunbrella cover only - not the foam core. Please contact customerservice@willowcreekllc.com to start a claim. All warranty claims are subject to review and approval is at the discretion of Willow Creek Designs. If furniture has been weathered (intentionally or unintentionally), your warranty is void.

What do I need to do at delivery? All items are delivered on wood pallets, banded and covered in shrink wrapping. All cushions are bagged, nested, and secured within the furniture. The carrier will call 24hrs before delivery to set up a delivery appointment. The driver will arrive at your location in a large semi truck. You ordered furniture...it is big. The pallets can range from 4' to 9' depending on what was purchased. The pallet is not taken by the carrier at the time of delivery. It is the clients responsibility to dispose. PLEASE NOTE: Do not sign any driver paperwork until you have inspected the shipment. You want to make sure no items are damaged before you sign. Most likely all is well and you can sign and release the driver. BUT, if damage is seen, you need to make notations on the bill of lading and take pictures. These steps are for your protection. Please contact us to discuss the option of replacement. 

My order arrived, but the pallet isn't nearly big enough to fit everything I purchased. What do I do? Keep calm and carry on! As long as no visible damage is present and the number of pallets matches the number indicated on the packing slip, you can sign the delivery receipt and continue to unwrap. Our furniture is deceivingly well packaged and the individual pieces nest together as shown below. It may not appear as though everything can fit, but you can rest assured it will be hidden under the shrink wrap. 

Palletized Orders

Palletized Orders

My furniture is here and unwrapped. What do I do now? The first thing you should do is ensure that all of the pieces you ordered are accounted for and in satisfactory condition. If anything is missing or damaged, please contact traffic@willowcreekllc.com to address your concerns. Next you will want to allow two weeks for your teak to acclimate to its new environment. After a long journey from Indonesia, to Los Angeles, to your residence, your teak has experienced a wide range of climates and needs time to get used to its new home before applying any kind of treatment, stain, or sealant. In the meantime, you can take a load off and enjoy the furniture in its natural state. During this period, hairline cracks may form as the wood stretches and/or contracts according to ambient humidity. If need be, please contact customerservice@willowcreekllc.com for a service kit.

Help! My furniture has developed hairline cracks while acclimating. Don't worry, this is normal of natural teak! As the wood has experienced a wide range of climates from Indonesia, to Southern California, to your home, it has contracted and expanded as ambient moisture levels changed. This can sometimes lead to tiny cracks forming. Your best next step here is to either apply teak oil to replenish the natural moisture, or reach out to us via email for a more detailed solution. 

Ok, I waited - what should I do next? How do I maintain my furniture? The wait is over, but first you'll need to decide the aesthetic you wish to achieve. Think of teak maintenance like a skin-care routine. If you don't keep up with the maintenance, signs of aging and weathering will pronounce themselves. The three most popular options are as follows: (1) Do nothing - the furniture will weather and turn gray (patina) over time. During weathering, there is the potential for shrinkage in the material, gapping in the joinery, surface fractures or cracks, and the growth of mold. (2) Sealant - Easy, long-term maintenance. We recommend SEMCO Sealer - Clear Finish. As long as water still beads on the surface without permeating the wood, the sealant is still doing its job. (3) Teak Oil - replenishing the natural oils of the wood at regular increments will allow the wood to remain bright and moisturized, preventing signs of aging between applications.  

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