Willow Creek Outdoor Weather Covers

Welcome to Willow Creek's Outdoor Cover Collection

We invite you to browse our in-house line of outdoor weather covers. Select the tailored made cover for every item available in Willow Creek Teak's collections. Or if you do not own our furniture but are in need of quality weather covers we offer a generic line to meet aftermarket furniture cover needs for clients.

Just pick the style and size and we make them to the same high standard. Each item type is broken down with a drop box that will match to each individual piece. Proudly made in the USA at our LA location. Each cover is handmade to our strict standard of quality and durability. Our covers are not your mass made disposable, import, tear with a slight breeze covers. These are MADE TO LAST. Made from high end WeatherMAX outdoor weather fabric. Offerings available in grey and tan fabrics with military spec hardware.

The question that we hear quite OFTEN - Can I store my cushions with your covers?  Yes, they are designed to leave your cushions on the furniture when not in use. We are all about practicality and convenience, so no need for multiple trips to put the cushion into the shed or dealing with wet cushions; after all no one likes a wet bottom :)
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