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Is your space missing some finishing touches? Are you craving a little bit of unique style? Look no further! Our selection of finely crafted home and décor pieces will fill out any remaining gaps in your living area. Whether you're looking for a one of a kind root dining or end table, or you need a customized sign for the front of your home, you're in the right place. 

These products are made lovingly handcrafted with the same great teak that is found in our furniture categories. Each root, stump, and live edge item is a 1 of 1 piece guaranteed to turn heads and start conversations. Since no two are alike, the item you receive will not be an exact match to the images you can peruse in this section. However, you can rest assured, that the same quality and care will go into each and every product in our catalog. 

Find the perfect conversation starting décor here at Willow Creek Designs.

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