Measuring Your Umbrella

Replacing your umbrella canopy is an easy and sensible way to refresh and rejuvenate your outdoor space with a splash of new vibrant color. When looking into replacing your umbrella canopy, the most important step is measuring your frame to find the right size for your umbrella and avoid needing to return your replacement canopy.

Follow these simple steps to accurately measure your umbrella frame so you can select the correct size and move on to fabric color selection.

How to Measure

The best way to accurate measure the size of your umbrella is to measure the frame radius.

  1. Close your umbrella and remove it from the lower pole section.
  2. Place umbrella on a flat surface and remove the finial cap.
  3. Remove your current canopy from the frame of the umbrella.
  4. Run a sturdy tape measure across one of the umbrella ribs, from the bottom end to the top center of your frame where the finial cap is usually placed.
  5. This measurement shows your umbrella's radius, simply double your measurement to find the full accurate size of your umbrella.

Use this table to find the appropriate umbrella canopy size based on your measurements.  

Frame Size Umbrella Canopy Size
48 Inches 7.5 Feet
54 Inches 9 Feet
62 Inches 10 Feet
84 Inches 11 Feet

Now you just need to choose the color!

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